Fastest Way To Learn Guitar Chords, Scales, or Songs

No matter what aspect of guitar you are most interested in as a beginner, you will undoubtedly be interested in learning the fastest way to learn guitar. Whether it be electric, acoustic, or bass, this will be your driving goal.

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And, no matter which way you approach the problem, whether it be learning the fretboard first, a simple song, lead guitar or how to solo, scales or chords, you will still want to know how to do it fast.

So, lets tackle these problems head on.

The fastest way to learn electric guitar is to start playing. In fact, that’s true of any of these approaches. Start and don’t give up. This often means playing when your fingers are sore, or your hand is cramping. Sounds great, doesn’t it? But the rewards will be worth it when you bust out a cool chord progression, make a run down your fretboard, or throw down a solo when you are playing with your friends.

Honestly because playing and not stopping is the fastest way to learn guitar, what I tell people is to do what they are inerested in because if you are interested, you will keep doing it and you will improve.

Electric guitar has lots of pull ons and pull offs, and hammer ons and such that will really make your playing sound great, once you learn the basics. Don’t be too complicated at first. It’s best to decide if you want to learn rhythym or lead electric guitar to begin with. Focus on one or ther other. For rhythym learning various strumming patterns along with chord progressions, bar chords and your fretboard will be very instrumental to you learning how to play quickly.

Fastest Way To Learn Acoustic Guitar

Bar chords can be useful, but I would say you should start by learning the open chords. They have a lot of resonance, and can help you learn a lot of easy songs quickly.

If you wantt to know the fastest way to learn chords and scales, the best answer I can give is to practice! Scales in particular are all about practice, but you need to learn the theory that goes with the scales so you know when to woop out that scale.

Chords really are a matter of practicing too. Not just how to play the different ones, but how to move between them and which ones go together (and which ones don’t!) A chord chart or some cards could be very helpful here. They also mak apps that might be useful. Just practice going back and forth between the chords in a particular key and you’ll pick it up in no time.

Start with 3 at a time, and then add the other 2 basic chords for that key.

Of course you want to find a song that uses those chords so you can practice them. And, as I mentioned earlier, you want to start with the open chords. You’ld be surprised how many songs you can play with just the open chords in a single key!

The fastest way to learn your fretboard is to learn how the piano works. I know, that mind sound crazy, but really, the piano makes it easier to see the notes. Then you translate that to your fretboard. Once you get it on piano how the notes work, you can work out any scale, in any key if you also know what notes the open strings on your guitar are. Every fret then is a half step up the string.

The same holds true for bass. When you want to know the fastest way to learn bass, start with the fretboard (which means start with the piano!) And then practice, practice, practice. The theory makes a difference, but when you are first starting out, and honestly it’s as far as bass players ever learn in most cases, just learn the basic notes and the pentatonic scale.

I can recommend a method to the fastest way to learn guitar songs is to pick a key, learn the five basic chords in that key, and play that song over and over until it’s smooth. You can then add in the other voicings by adding in the extras or the other chords the song actually uses.

Sing while you play if you can. It’s a great way to show off what you are learning, and it helps you learn the song better. Also, I recommend learning just the chorus and then just the verses or visa versa because the chords and music basically repeat. So really get down one part and then the other. It makes it much easier and faster.

For learning guitar solos, I really recommend tab if it’s a specific solo like from a particular song. If you wanting instead to learn how to solo, as in make up your own stuff, then you really need to learn the fretboard, the theory and chord groupings for a particular key before you head off in that direction. I guarantee that even though it sounds like a lot of work it is the fastest way to learn how to guitar solo.

How To Practice Guitar And Learn To Play Guitar Fast